Brazil World Cub 2014 in danger to be cancelled ?

June 24, 2013


Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, New York, Berlin, Australia, among many places with a Brazilian population protested to give  support for what’s happening in their home country Brazil.

More than a million demonstrators marched through Brazil’s biggest cities on Thursday, with many participants calling for fans to boycott the biggest travel & tourism event ever in Brazil – the World Cup.

CBN radio and the website of the Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper, both respected, mainstream media, carried reports speculating that the eight-team Football’s Confederations Cup tournament, considered a dry run for next year’s World Cup, was in danger. However, FIFA says there are no plans to cancel the tournament. The Brazilian News paper Estado said that two FIFA vehicles were attacked in Salvador, where Uruguay played Nigeria on Wednesday, and its employees had been instructed not to wear uniforms outside their hotel.

World football’s governing body FIFA has asked Brazil’s government to provide security guarantees amid fears that sweeping civil unrest could pose a threat to the Confederations Cup.

Less than a day after widespread rioting in Brazil’s biggest cities, FIFA secretary-general Jerome Valcke denied speculation the tournament, considered a 2014 World Cup warmup event, could be aborted.

“We have asked for security measures that we need in place for the competition to continue until the end,” Valcke told Estado de S. Paulo.

“I hope that this doesn’t last until 2014. It’s a problem that Brazil needs to resolve, not FIFA. We are the wrong target.”

The protests, which started in Sao Paulo last week over rises in transport fares, have morphed into a nationwide movement against government corruption and the cost of the biggest travel & tourism event on the globe – the World Cup.

Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas as protestors attempted to enter the foreign ministry in Brasilia while violent clashes were also reported in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

About 150,000 anti-government demonstrators again took to streets in several Brazilian cities Saturday and engaged police in some isolated, intense conflicts. Anger over political corruption emerged as the unifying issue for the demonstrators, who vowed to stay in the streets until concrete steps are taken to reform the political system.

Across Brazil, protesters gathered to denounce legislation, known as PEC 37, that would limit the power of federal prosecutors to investigate crimes — which many fear would hinder attempts to jail corrupt politicians.

Life is a constant celebration in Brazil

July 25, 2011

By Getachew Teklu

Life is a constant celebration in Brazil. Experience the lively spirit and  passion for fun while dancing in street parades during Carnival. A city for  lovers, hit the world-famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema for non-stop  exotic sights and sounds. For nature lovers Brazil offers a rich ecosystem  including the unforgettable Amazon rainforest, stunning Iguassu waterfalls and  the vast wetlands of The Pantanal. Embrace an exciting Latin American mix that  celebrates everything from culture and cuisine to samba and sunshine.

The most visited places in Brazil includes Fernando de  Noronha Island, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (the two bustling megacities of  the south-east), the more relaxed city of Salvador in the northeast, or the old  colonial towns of Ouro Preto and Olinda. For natural beauty, try a visit to  Iguacu Falls. If you have the chance the best time to visit is Carnival.

There is nothing in the whole wide world like Carnival in Rio. Brasilia, the  capital city of the country, is known by its great architecture. It is a  planned city. The most up-and-coming resort in Brazil is now the small friendly Praia de  Pipa, in the NE of the country; serviced by international airports at Natal and  Recife, this small town is popular with both Brazilians and foreign tourists.  The laid back attitude of the open and friendly locals make this a welcome  change to some of the more recognised but less safe and inviting destinations.

In Southern Brazil you can visit the state of Santa Catarina, which is visited  every year by people who prefer not too crowded spots like major cities or  places where all tourists go. Small beaches like Mariscal, Garopaba, Taquaras  or Estaleiro beach are not too far away from medium size cities, so they  provide all necessary structure, but at the same time still conserve their  natural enchantments. Praia do Pinho (close to Balneario Camboriu – the most  important touristic spot in southern Brazil) is the paradise for naturists as  it is the first official nude beach in Brazil (  Many options of adventure activities such as rafting, diving, fishing, trekking  are aso available in this beautiful region.

Brazil enjoys a strong economy with thriving business and a strong currency.  Most recently, the trend has been for Brazilians to purchase real estate in Florida. This is due to the
combination of their strong currency, coupled with the weak US dollar, plus  Florida real estate prices are currently depressed by 30% or more. Add to this  the Florida sales tax of approximately 6% compared to a VAT tax in Brazil and  shopping for cars, cloths, electronics, etc are all much cheaper in the US  which is why Brazilians are choosing to earn their money in Brazil and spend it  in Florida.  To learn more about Brazil click here:

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