African Travel Inc. Shares Updated Resources and Offerings for Advisors

by Daine Taylor / April 17, 2020

Africa is traditionally “most under-crowded places that we can possibly be in.” Photo:

As the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, travel agencies are focusing on how they could meet the needs of travelers that are concerned for their health and safety while abroad. 

African Travel Inc. held a webinar on April 9 entitled “We’ve Got Your Back,” which featured information on the updated tools and resources available to travel advisors to help them learn about, and sell African destinations.

Kevan Cowie, the director of sales for African Travel Inc., led the webinar and touted some features of the destinations they offer as being perfect for travelers who are concerned about visiting dense population centers and overcrowding.

“Only 10% of global travel goes to Africa. It’s one of the most under-crowded places that we can possibly be in, and over –crowding of tourist destinations has been something that’s been on so many people’s minds right now,” said Cowie.

“The lodgings we work with frequently have only between 12-15 rooms, for a maximum of 25-30 people in a lodge at any one time.”

The webinar shared details of the company’s newly revamped website and how advisors can take advantage of these resources to learn about, and ultimately sell Africa to their clients. Among the updates, the website features a travel alert section which is updated daily and relays information about the outbreak for each of the 17 countries in African Travel’s network of destinations.

It also features a living room safari gallery to help advisors bring the wonders of these destinations right to their homes.

“This is really where we’re going to bring to you images, reading material, videos, and of course our previous webinars. With these you can sit back in your chair at home, hook it up to your TV, and let Africa come to life in your living room.”

The company also updated its advisor resource center which provides advisors with the tools to make it easy for you to sell Africa. “This is where you’ll be able to order brochures, you’ll have links to our travel academy, and you’ll be able to find safari resources by destination or type of safari, and a whole lot more.”

African Travel also announced it is launching a revamped Agent Academy training program beginning May 1, and invites all agents, even those who have taken previous Agent Academy courses, to join and learn what new offerings are in store for African Travel.

And speaking of new, African Travel will be offering Morocco as its newest destination in 2021. “We’re absolutely thrilled to be able to bring that to you. You know the level of service we provide, this will be the ultimate in luxury in what is a fascinating and very exotic destination.”

While he recognizes that people aren’t traveling right now, Cowie also shared his positive outlook for a steady return to travel when the coronavirus crisis passes, citing the number of clients who have chosen to rebook with African travel, rather than cancel future trips. “95% of travelers who’ve been effected by the current situation have rebooked. In a time where so many people are cancelling, we’ve maintained a 95% rebook rate.”

“We know nobody is ready to travel immediately, but down the road…Africa is a wonderful place to [visit] and know that you’re going to be surrounded by the most amazing and incredible experiences.”

Source: Travel Market Report

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