Egypt Air has launched daily flights to Addis Ababa from Cairo

Egypt Air has launched daily flights to Addis Ababa from Cairo as of the 31st of October. Flights from Cairo to the Ethiopian capital used to be only five days a week.

Egypt Air has cultivated loyal clients and strong partners in Ethiopia said Maged Michel Addis Ababa Office Manager for Egypt Air. The launch of the daily flight is a significant occasion for the airlines he added.
Egypt Air resumed flights to Addis Ababa, which had halted when the Derg was in place, in 1995 said Michel speaking at the official launch ceremony held at the Sheraton Addis. The number of flights per week has gradually grown over the years he explained.

The Egyptian people have experienced major changes this year which has been reflected in relations with Ethiopia he noted.
An increased amount of travel between the two countries will play a positive role in enhancing the relationship between the two countries said Mohammed Edress Egyptian Ambassador to Ethiopia.

Effective, efficient and active transportation is important to enhance and strengthen relationships between Ethiopia and Egypt according to Ambassador Edress. The increased transport connection in addition to the high level political visits between the leaders of the two countries reflect a new phase which reflects multi-track approaches and increased cooperation in different sectors he said.

Source: Ethiopia Press Agency

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