What to Do When Vacations Go Bad

By: Susan Young

When Cruise West unexpectedly ended its World Cruise last fall and asked guests to leave the ship in Newfoundland, some insurers paid claims quickly, given the line’s failure to complete the voyage. But not all did, and because the line didn’t immediately state it was in default or filing for bankruptcy, most insurers waited before starting to pay claims for the line’s future cruises.

And when political turmoil broke out in North Africa this year, many insurers performed admirably to help clients whose vacations were interrupted get home. But when some clients with future bookings wanted to cancel and get their money back to book alternative vacations, they were told to stand by as the situation of civil unrest was under evaluation. Ofcourse, payment of any claim depends on the insurer and the specific policy details. If the colloquial phrase “God is in the details” applies anywhere, it’s to travel insurance. “With insurance, there is no policy that covers everything; there are gray areas within most products,” acknowledges Michelle Fee, CEO and co-founder, Cruise Planners. “Insurance is one of those things that most customers don’t want to buy, but as agents, we know how important it is to sell. It’s always that one customer who doesn’t buy it that ends up needing it and, unfortunately, I’m sure every agent has some horror story to tell.”  Read more:  http://www.travelagentcentral.com/travel-insurance/what-do-when-vacations-go-bad


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