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As the third largest Caribbean island (after Cuba and Hispaniola), Jamaica has hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline. The beaches of Jamaica are some of the finest in the Caribbean. Some Jamaica beaches are lively, fun-filled places, packed with young sunbathers listening to loud reggae music, other beaches in Jamaica are serene, secluded stretches of white sand perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

There are top Jamaica beaches in or near all the major resort towns. The long, crescent-shaped Turtle Beach in Ocho Rios is one of the most popular beaches in Jamaica. Like many other Jamaican beaches, it is now surrounded by hotels and resorts. For a more secluded beach in Ocho Rios, try the in-town Island Village Beach or nearby Reggae Beach, a few miles east of town.

Runaway Bay is most famous for its great scuba diving, but the town also has some good Jamaican beaches. Most Runaway Bay Jamaica beaches are owned by resorts, but the Cardiff Hall Public Beach is free and open to the public.

The area around Port Antonio in northeast Jamaica is known for its great natural beauty. Frenchman’s Cove, San San Beach, and the Blue Lagoon bring this beauty right to the sea; they are some of the prettiest beaches in Jamaica. Nearby Boston Beach is the place to go for authentic Jamaican jerk chicken.

Montego Bay has some of the most famous beaches in Jamaica: Doctor’s Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach. They are both divinely beautiful stretches of white sand, but because they are located in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, they can be some of the most crowded beaches of Jamaica. The crowds have an upside, though: Montego Bay Jamaica beaches have an almost permanent party vibe.

Seven Mile Beach (or Negril Beach) in Negril is the longest of all beaches in Jamaica. With crystal clear waters, sugary soft white sand, and swaying palms, Seven Mile Beach is known as perhaps the most beautiful of all Jamaican beaches. There are several other good Jamaican beaches near Negril. Bloody Bay Beach to the north of town is a good place to go if you are looking for a little more isolation than offered by Seven Mile Beach.

Most visitors to Kingston, Jamaica’s capital city, go there not for the beaches, but for the vibrant nightlife or cultural sites like the Bob Marley Museum. Nevertheless, there are great Jamaican beaches even near this busy city. Hellshire Beach and Fort Clarence are the closest beaches the city. Fort Clarence is one of the best-known beaches in Jamaica, famous for its regular reggae concerts.

No vacation to Jamaica is complete without a few afternoons spent lounging on Jamaican beaches. Enjoying the beaches of Jamaica is as much a part of a Jamaican vacation as eating jerk chicken and listening to reggae.

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