Medical Tourism

Thailand is considered by many to be the global leader for medical tourism. Thousands of Americans and Europeans have been traveling to Thailand for decades seeking affordable world-class medical travel treatment, for both elective and non-elective procedures. Thailand also has a very large expatriate community from American and Europe that receive medical care from hundreds of private hospitals throughout the country. In addition to having a highly advanced healthcare system, with state-of-the-art equipment, first-class modern facilities, and an abundance of doctors with advanced medical degrees and board certifications from the US and Europe, Thailand is also world-renowned as a top health tourism destination. Thailand is also well known for the generous hospitality of its service minded population, which is why the country is often referred to as “The Land of Smiles.”

The favorable exchange rate of the US Dollar to the Thai Baht makes the already low cost medical treatment an incredible value to medical tourists. With one private hospital in Thailand being the first to receive JCI Accreditation in all of Asia, many others are following its lead and have begun the application process. The Government of Thailand is also working with the private hospital association in order to maintain its national lead as an international medical tourism hub. Our partner hospitals in Thailand are among the top private healthcare facilities in the country and are at par with the top facilities in the US.  Read at   For more Detail information contact Getachew Teklu  your Thailand Specialist.

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