Africa Tours

As the second largest continent, Africa straddles the equator accounting for its generally sizzling climate. The soaring sand dunes, hidden waterfalls, exotic wildlife, and distinct tribes make Africa a rich continent, bringing travelers from all around the world.
Vacationers in Africa can explore colorful markets, coffee plantations, local tribes, and a mosaic of landscapes dotted throughout the distinct regions. Travelers will also be pleasantly surprised by a variety of sites not considered characteristic of the hot arid plains of Africa, such as the penguins of South Africa, hundreds of pink flamingos, or the snow-capped mountain of Kilimanjaro.
Safaris offer travelers with the opportunity to hop into a private vehicle while touring the natural habitats of lions, gigantic elephants, towering giraffes, rapid cheetahs, nonchalant hippos, hyper baboons, and more. Sleeping in the heart of these surroundings during a Safari gives travelers the chance to hear the roar of lions and the content banter of animals at night, while accompanied with experienced Tour Directors who provide knowledgeable information and guidance.
Passengers may enjoy the unique lifestyle of a culturally rich Massai village with their dominating spears and quaint huts. The pyramids of Egypt also captivate guests with their mysterious tombs, historical pharaohs, and breathtaking views of the Nile. In addition, Morocco’s bazaars, herds of goats, and musicians of Casablanca will inspire guests with a multitude of enriching experiences

Once stepping onto the diverse and inspiring soil, guests become spellbound while traveling through the core of Africa. While leaving the terrain of Africa may be inevitable, the experience and sights attained will remain in hearts forever. 


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